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Salmon Poke Bowl, v. 2.0 (AKA: The Hybrid)

After making my first homemade salmon poke bowl a couple of months back, I was definitely craving more of it, and wanted to see how far off the more traditional recipe I could go, sticking with my resolution to eat what we have in the house, rather than buying any special ingredients specifically for this dish. It turned out to be even more colorful this time! Thanks to some defrosted frozen peas along with a watermelon radish I'd been curious about trying which I shaved into it, the poke bowl remained deeee-licious. Now I still miss the avocado and home-pickled ginger, but adding in a wee bit of powdered ginger from the spice rack to the salmon's marinade added that nice li'l tang this bowl deserves.

Next version? Vegan. I'll report back...


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