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Salmon Poke Bowl

Being back in Seattle equals one HUGE improvement from the farm life we left: access to SO many more cuisines! Along with the massive variety in Southeast Asian and East African options in our area, we also have oodles of poke options. But one thing with restaurants? Very few are using sustainably caught meat and seafood, and we resolved this year to eat vegetarian at any restaurant where they don't explicitly brag about their sustainable ingredients (which, sadly, is a lot). As we've been getting a couple shares of gorgeous, sustainably-harvested wild Alaskan salmon from the good folks at Iliamna for over a decade now - which is also sushi-grade - I thought I'd try it out and it's SO crazy good. With exception of the cucumber and nori, everything else I had on hand - ginger, carrots, wakame and ginger, all atop a bed of organic brown basmati rice. [I know, it's not the preferred rice for the dish but I don't care - I adore basmati over jasmine in every situation (the only other alternative I'd do, if time permitted, would be sticky rice)]. The salmon is 'marinated' in tamari, honey, rice vinegar, chili paste and minced sweet onion, and it tastes like happiness, let me tell ya. It all looks 'fancy' but it's no different than any other cuisine's customizable bowl. Just prep a bunch of ingredients (I'd love to have had edamame on hand but spaced at the grocer), and let your peeps add what they want.


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