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Vegan ‘Egg’ Salad Sammie

So while I've gone down the vegetarian and vegan rabbit holes a lot in recent past, one thing that has been hard for me to say goodbye to is egg salad. However, my tummy said goodbye to egg salad several years ago due to two main factors: the sheer quantity of - you guessed it - EGGS in it, and the double dose that is mayonnaise. Both destroyers of my, um, 'intestinal fortitude' as I'll delicately call it. I can still have a fried egg here and there courtesy of our ducks, and will still bake with eggs as needed (although when the girls aren't laying it's

That being said, one thing I never could stomach was a tofu scramble. Nope, doesn't taste like eggs, and while it wasn't technically Bad, it wasn't Good either. So when I saw this recipe for vegan egg salad, I was skeptical...until I noticed it had an ingredient I'd never heard of before - kala namak. Also known as Himalayan Black Salt, it's a finishing salt also known for it's pungent, "eggy" vibe - perfect for giving tofu that much-needed taste that us egg lovers adore.

Mashing up a combo of silken and extra firm tofu with some vegan mayo, nutritional yeast, turmeric, my homemade herb mustard, a couple other kitchen staples, plus the kala namak? Surprisingly convincing - and most importantly, delicious. I toasted some whole wheat sourdough, added some kale from the garden and red bell pepper, then promptly proceeded to de-veganize it with some really good organic sheep/goat cheese as a spread I couldn't resist (but it'd have been fine without it, trust me), and I was Good. To. Go.

Vegan eggs? Maybe it's not so bad after all.


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