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The Half-Bath: Zero VOC for the Win!

Sometimes it's just a coat of super sustainable, Zero-VOC paint that brings a boring bathroom from generic to calm...

In our half-bath (which is our primary bedroom's bath - go figure - who decided to not build a full bath was clearly trippin'), I used the same color on the walls as in the bedroom, donated the old toilet and replaced it with dual flush, and hung a favorite piece of artwork my husband gave me and ...voila!

The deets: * Paint: Valspar's 'Folk Blue', zero VOC * Toilet: Woodbridge Everette WaterSense dual flush one-piece (guess what? not all DF toilets are the same oin water savings - this one uses even LESS water than the previous one we had in Seattle! plus, look how the smaller toilet fits in the small space SO much better!) * Light: LED-integrated (existing)


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