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Rainbow Buddha Bowl

Happy Pride, y'all!

In honor of Pride Month, may I present my ultimate healthy comfort food - the Rainbow Buddha Bowl!

For this bowl, I subbed black eyed peas instead of my normal rice or quinoa, and instead of drizzling my usual sweet 'n' savory vinaigrette on top (garlic, maple syrup, turmeric and other goodies), I mixed it in with the beans and WOW, total yum. Rather than vegan this time I went vegetarian, mincing up some leftover cotija cheese to serve as the Yellow, since I was out of yellow bell pepper. Other than that, you'll see the usual suspects for me of Red sundried tomatoes, Orange carrots and Orange roasted yams, Green cukes & avo, Blue/Purple blueberries, and a dash of sunflower seeds for the necessary crunch I love, atop a lovely bed of romaine straight from the garden! So inhale-able!

Now get on out there and love each other y'all...and make sure you vote in the next election for candidates who know that Love is Love and will stand up for the LGBTQ community!

“I hate the word ‘homophobia.’ It’s not a phobia. You’re not scared. You’re an asshole.” ~ Morgan Freeman


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