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Omelette with Fennel Cured Salmon

This morning my goal was a "bubble 'n' squeak" breakfast, and with that, while I usually eat my fennel-cured salmon like lox - cold and on a bagel - this time I wanted to play around with the flavor inside an omelette. Being that I had a few tablespoons left of homemade cashew cream cheese in the fridge (FYI it did not really taste like cream cheese, more similar to hummus but still very good) and some capers, I quickly whisked two eggs and made an omelette with a splash of olive oil in the pan, tossed the ingredients inside, then sprinkled it with a bit of chives that are still coming up by the fence (the only herb I could find on the property when we moved in, sadly, so I've got a new herb garden under development...).

Turn was LOVELY! The sweet and savory of the salmon (thanks to a maple syrup base and fennel, coriander and other savory herbs) made it easy to gobble up as I prepared to start another day of DIY. Oh, and the entire meal was around 500 calories. Delish!


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