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Mushroom Shawarma Wraps

One of my new favorites is most definitely the Mushroom Shawarma Wrap. Riffing off a recipe for mushroom shawarma bowls and subbing orzo for rice, this is SOOO crazy good.

All you need to do is toss a handful of cremini mushrooms (which, if you didn’t know, is a “baby bella”, just priced a few bucks a pound less) in an olive oil, garlic, and Greek spice mixture and let it hang out for a bit before grilling them on the stovetop. Whip up a quick batch of orzo (so much faster than rice and provides a unique texture for the wrap compared to the standard rice we see in those and bowls) then mix in the shrooms, and you have your base. Make or warm up some wraps (usually my husband makes them but this time I cheated and had him bring home some of the garlic naan that I love), and add toppers like sliced cukes, pickled red onions (so easy: simply slice a small red onion up earlier in the day when you do your marinade, then drop into a pot of simmering vinegar/garlic liquid, then pour it all into a mason jar), greens and a quick yogurt-tahini-lemon juice sauce (easily to make vegan if you don’t do dairy…and remember tahini is just a handful of ground up sesame seeds).

Savory, filling, healthy….and SCRUMPTIOUS.


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