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Harvesting the Rain: 300 Gallons

Woo hoo! Our two rain tanks are up and running in our new home in the Skagit Valley, and this week I got the new 300 gal tank closest to our back door painted up pretty...

The day before renting our first moving truck (we did outdoor/garden stuff in one, house stuff in the second), I was in the hardware store and noticed this one outside on clearance for only $100! So perfect as with the move, we left one of our 250 gal tanks installed for the new owners and so this not only replaced that, but added 50 gal more to our water storage which was extra cool.

After rigging up the overflow on the last tank, I realized this time around that we just don't need a huge PVC pipe like we had on the last one, and simplified the overflow on this one BIG time. Literally just picked up an $18 bulkhead* from the hardware store along with a $6 adapter (3/4" for a hose) and connected the old hose that was left here as the overflow. Tested it out in the first atmospheric river a week ago and it filled up like a charm and the hose allowed us to overflow it wherever we wanted (namely, the duck's pool).

Painting these are easy if you've never done it - regular paint works just fine, so grab whatever you have leftover in the garage, or find some for free on Nextdoor or Craigslist, and go crazy! This one was originally white (not great as algae likes the light colored tanks) so I first painted it with leftover charcoal paint the previous owner had on hand, and then a couple days later added the flowers for a wee bit of garden art.

* BTW, we accidentally bought a rigid rather than a flexible bulkhead (a flexible one would have allowed install purely from the exterior, which makes sense for tanks!) so one cute skinny dude I know found a way to screw the inside bit in no problemo...


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