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Harissa Chicken with Rose Water Sauce

After making a huge batch of rose water, I wanted to find a variety of recipes to make use of it in the kitchen. The first, riffed off of a recipe I found on Everyday-Delicious, was a lovely dinner comprised of harissa-marinated chicken on a bed of lemon couscous with rose water sauce. My husband brought home a really good pre-made jar of Tunisian harissa from his grocer, and after letting that soak up all the flavor overnight, I subtracted raisins (not allowed in our house unless we're making mole), and in the couscous subbed a slice of homemade preserved lemon in my refrigerator for the zest and summer savory from the garden for the parsley. The sauce, made from a combination of cider vinegar (we make our own pear cider vinegar from the peels after canning so I used that instead of ACV) and the rose water I made which I recently posted about, was simple and delicous. Overall, a nice change of pace and fun, as usual, to try a new recipe, this one of the North African persuasion! PS - thanks to my husband for his gorgeous plating for this photo!


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