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Before + After: Greening Up the Bedroom

Arriving to our new home, we knew our bedroom would be smaller, and with that, said goodbye to our beloved mango-wood bed from Crate & Barrel with the huge headboard and footboard, selling it and trading it in for an uber-simple black metal base, with four of my framed black & white beach photographs centered over it instead.

The simplicity was one thing, yet the sustainability was also vital.

Immediately, we eliminated the fossil-fuel-based gas furnace and happily replaced it with a multi-split heat pump system, which in the bedroom is SO lovely as it ensures the room is super comfortable to sleep in, while during the day not wasting excess energy when it's not occupied.

The walls painted in "Folk Blue" were done in Zero-VOC and bring a really peaceful vibe. The stark white nature of the original room was not conducive to sleep, and it definitely needed both soothing colors and natural fabrics. Enter the linen curtains and an orchid, and...voila!

Then, of course, The Bed. Here's how it's dressed up from head to toe, sustainbly:

  • We used this move as an excuse to replace our mattress, since it was over 9 years old, and with that, chose another sustainable bed, this one by Saatva. This model, the Classic, has coils made from recycled carbon steel, an organic cotton cover, and a thistle pulp flame barrier instead of the toxic fire retardants used on mainstream mattresses.

  • Being that it's autumn, we just put on our favorite organic cotton jersey t-shirt sheets, these ones by Coyuchi, which are definitely spendy but so worth it. As winter arrives, we'll be switching over to some new organic flannel sheets - these ones much more affordable but just as soft and lovely - that I scored on sale from Under the Canopy.

  • And the other goodies of course, like an organic cotton duvet and a bamboo mattress cover with pillows covered in organic cotton.

Our nightstands are built from two scraps of reclaimed barn wood that I'd used to build our kitchen island back on the farm, first using the leftover for display shelves, then at the last house realized they're perfect as wall-mount nightstands.

And with that, we have our peace to fall into each night.

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep." ~ William Shakespeare


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