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Artsy DIY for the Liquor Cabinet

For our 9th wedding anniversary last week, my honey and I kept it simple. He took a couple extra days off work and we had a lovely li'l staycation at home. Chilling in the garden, sharing a bubble bath, opening a bottle of wine, making homemade mushroom pizza and having banana ice cream for was the nice mellow time to spend together we'd been craving.

But of course since it was a staycation, we did want to venture out a wee bit into the world. With a foot injury thwarting our plans for a hike through the arboretum, we had to get creative. So I looked up the traditional 'theme' for each year one is married, and turns out, nine years equals: ceramics.

So with that, we decided to do something we love but haven't gotten around to doing in eons: painting our own pottery! We started this tradition the first year we were married, first making coffee mugs, then holiday ornaments, and this time? Shot glasses! These ones are actually Manhattan shot glasses, so they hold a bit more...and were a bit easier to work with than their smaller relatives. And as far as design goes? It's pretty easy to tell each of our styles. My husband constantly doodles dot designs, and so transferred this idea onto his, and as for me? It'll always look like the art of your average 10 year-old girl, so for this project I decided to create a miniaturized version of the fence mural I painted last year that faces our alley.Obviously I couldn't paint in every single animal & insect from the original, but I got the flowers, our 4 ducks, and a few of the li'l extras...including one of my favorite quotes of all time. For $13 each, it was a perfect, inexpensive and memorable way to honor our life together in a creative way...and one that will add nicely to our kitchen. After all, we're kinda known for our DIY vibe...

"In the end, we'll all become stories." ~ Margaret Atwood


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