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Rosemary: "Barbeque"

As cheesy as it sounds, the "Barbeque" variety of Rosemary is good for...just that. With straight, firm stems that are often described as great for use as skewers, we actually planted ours for it's sheer height! A drought-tolerant shrub that can grow up to 5' or more in height? A tough bush that's great for erosion control just above where our rockery begins? An herb that also, of course, smells totally delightful? Yes, yes, and yes!

While they claim the growth is moderate, these two we have definitely bucked the trend and have expanded by nearly double since we planted them last spring in a nice late-afternoon sun-loving spot. However, the only bummer about this one is that bec ause of the neighbor's massive evergreen in their front yard, the morning sun is lacking in the spring, so it's not been particularly flower-y for our bees. But as an evergreen? It's awesome.


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