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Harvesting the Rain: 250 Gallons (v. 2.0)

Rain Tank Number Two is finally painted!

This 250 gallon tank we brought from our last house (rain tanks are SOOOO expensive now, it was an easy decision despite its heft). Not only did I completely repaint it to celebrate our new digs (using paint on hand), I put my husband's favorite quote on it to bring a different vibe than our past tanks. It brings a bit of brightness, particularly at this time of year while nothing is in bloom...and of course ensures our ducks have fresh drinking water every day. 😊

Paint notes: * charcoal gray base - exterior trim paint left by the seller * green - leftover zero-VOC used in our living room * red & yellow - leftover craft paint * white writing - of all things, a Wite-Out pen my husband found last year that I "knew would come in handy someday"


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