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First Buds...

Cherries. Asian Pears. European Pears.

Nothing like the first day of Spring to give us hope for the coming year! My fruit trees are budding, one even gave us an early glimpse of its future with an actual blosom, and that is worth celebrating...

Unlike many areas of the country, we’ve not seen massively unseasonable warmth, so we rejoiced at the usual smidge of weather that we get around this time that sees folks gleefully working in their gardens, old men obsessively and unnecessarily mowing lawns wearing shorts that show off their knobby knees, and the realization that there is SO much you want to do in these rare moments of sunshiny bliss!

Showers and temps in the 50s will be back tomorrow. I’ve covered up the lawn furniture we uncovered for a few glorious days of basking in warmth, I’ve pulled the table back under cover that we enjoyed our first outdoor meal of the year on, and I’ve reminded myself that the pepper seedlings are only 2” high which means we’ve got a ways to go…!

Back I go, to count down the days til April where the next round of seeds and sun and soil shall begin...

"And in the spring I shed my skin, and it blows away with the changing winds.” ~ Florence and The Machine


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