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DIY Berry Trellis

Late autumn and early winter is a GREAT time to do those projects you might not have time for during the busiest gardening times, and having recently moved in and planted marionberries and blackberries along the fence next to an existing berry bush (we'll see what it is next year!), I took some time on a recent grubby day to build some easy trellises for them to climb up as they grow.

These are SUPER easy to build, y'all!

Literally you're building triangular "brackets" and connecting them to your fence posts, then screwing in eye bolts to thread/tie wires through for the berry vines to grow through as they get taller and keep them somewhate contained. For these, I used scrap wood from our garage, then cut the diagonal pieces at 45 degree angles, then screwed them in (remember to always pre-drill so you don't split the wood!).



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