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Yellow Toadflax

My rockery is abounding this year in yellow toadflax, something I bought seeds for at the nursery last year that grew exponentially in this summer's garden! First I was excited for it as a filler, one that I could easily pull up in areas where it got too rambunctious, as well as the fact that it's beloved to the local bumblebees that peruse our garden...then I found out it's considered an invasive species. ARGH! Also known as wild snapdragon, this pretty yellow flower was introduced from Asia and Europe and spreads - like the evil St John's Wort I've been working to eradicate in the same damn section of garden - through underground runners.

Lesson? Don't assume your local nurseries are being responsible with their seed inventory! I noticed some were selling St John's Wort in starts as well this spring, which gave me pause, and now it's going to be quite an interesting challenge as these have definitely spread like wildfire in the rockery. They love crappy soil,particularly rocky bits, so it's no wonder. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this bugger...


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