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Yellow Curry "Soup" with Shrimp & Rice

First frost date in the Skagit Valley is 3 weeks ahead of Seattle. With freezing overnight temps forecast this week and that first biting feel to the wind? It's all about the soup.

Today's lunch: homemade yellow curry with shrimp and rice, and a big stodgy hunk of freshly baked sourdough bread I made from local organic Fairhaven Mill flour and starter I've had for 6 years thanks to a baker in Astoria 😁 I've never made my own yellow curry paste and boy was it worth you can see we turned it into soup it was so phenomenal!

Psst! If you ever get intimidated by ingredients in a recipe - whether they are ones you've not heard of or aren't available locally? Look up substitutes online! Or combine a pre-made sauce with some select ingredients. We used spinach for the greens as we didn't have betel leaves, and I quick-pickled some ginger as well to sub for another item whose name slips my mind. (Thanks to @sunsetmag for the recipe- hella yum!!)


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