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Winter in the Garden: Snow Day!

After some serious cold here in the Pacific Northwest that were dry and in the single digits (very weird to wake up and NOT see frost with that kind of cold), the temperatures went up and the precipitation came in, snow finally arriving to the Skagit Valley today to add that blanket of quiet and beauty we love so much. Snow days are rarer up here and with that, we don't take them for granted. The garden is nicely insulated, the dog is overjoyed and eating snowballs, and the ducks are cuddled up next to the back door (where I laid out a 'day bed' of straw for them, which they adore since they no longer have to ) while the wild birds come by for a visit to steal bites from their feeder. We love it because we don't have bird feeders, and these little ones deserve to eat just as much as our domesticated girls.

And yet, in a couple of weeks we'll be shopping for bare root is that even possible??

But for now...bring on the hot cocoa, hot soup, and a blanket on my lap as I cuddle up with a good book...


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