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Willow: “Dwarf Blue Leaf Arctic"

Living on a property that has the oh-so-slightest incline in the back garden leading to the house, we've learned a lot about what plants do well with things like wet feet, subtle erosion and the oh-so-fun clay soil. Along with that, I wanted to pick out a few low-growing shrubs to line the front of our deck back there, and after some hair-pulling trips to the nurseries to find something that didn't look totally BLAH, my husband spotted the Arctic Blue Willow and we immediately agreed this was going to be a great fit.

Not only is it a recommended shrub for rain gardens, it's also an attractor of pollinators (the catkins produced in early spring are a magnet for bees, yay!), takes pruning exceptionally well, and - obviously - is a gorgeous silvery blue !!


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