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Wild Mushroom Soup

The snow finally reached our little area of Northwestern Washington, and nothing could be more perfect to end the day than a beautiful bowl of mushroom soup. Vegan and gluten free, this was a combination of porcini and crimini mushrooms, sweet onion, garlic, and rosemary, thickened with oat flour (just ground up oats, y'all - no need to buy 'oat flour' if you have oats on hand) and made creamy with almond milk. This with a freshly baked loaf of whole wheat sourdough bread and a side salad, not to mention a glass of our new favorite organic red wine, the delicious Spanish Goru Verde Monastrell my husband snagged at work. It is from a newly discovered recipe, thanks to a copy of Forks Over Knives magazine I picked up at the grocer the other day, and is SO freakin' delish...


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