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White Camas: “Alba"

In the "small but mighty" flower category - not to mention a supreme choice for the 'wet feet' areas of the garden - is the lovely camas. Back in our last place, I planted the purple version of these at the base of our rockery where the drain would regularly empty...and boy did they thrive each spring because of that constant moisture!

Not only do they do just fine in wet clay, they are natives which I love to encourage in the garden as it ensures a level of hardiness you can't find in the non-local plants. The only thing about this that is a bit annoying? It's edible (known for the bulbs, in particular, but the greens appear to be as well) as we caught our dog snacking on one (our old pup loves grassy things, sigh...) so I had to put a hardware cloth barricade around it to let it grow back! (...and here I thought my worries in the back garden would be the ducks...!)


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