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Veronica: “Royal Candles"

Having grown the Veronica "Kiss the Sky" variety along the path in my front garden at our last place, I loved how it responded so well to deadheading and rebloomed for SO long, and naturally snagged another when we got here and I started working on transforming the grassy sloped side yard along our driveway into a flower garden. This one is definitely about a food shorter than the one we had prior, and while the-bigger-the-better is usually my philosophy on flowers, a smaller size here was essential to frame the larger shrubs I planted, like the star magnolia and strawberry tree! It's so trippy looking, don't you think?

I especially dig it though because of how rugged it is - like how it can take moist soil. After the atmospheric river that just passed through the Valley this past weekend, it's great to have plants that are like, "well, so, is that all you got?"

Also known as Speedwell, it's supposed to be a bit of a butterfly magnet, so as the sunshine returns this week, I'll be watching out for those pollinators!


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