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Vegan Chili

Recently my husband's been coming home from his co-op grocer employer with scratch & dent items they leave out for staff, and MUCH of that has been canned beans. While I prefer to buy dry beans in bulk, the combination of free + organic (not to mention unprocessed and in infinitely recyclable BPA-free packaging) on our limited budget has been a gift horse I'm not about to look in the mouth. In addition, in our community the local farms and grocers donate produce and other goodies to Free Food Thursdays, which has been a great way to pick up extra produce as well.

So with that, with this week's combination of free garbanzo beans, black beans, tomato sauce and a yellow onion meant only one thing - the easiest chili on earth to make. Along with a red bell pepper, some of my homegrown garlic, fresh thyme growing by my front door, good spices from the bulk aisle like cumin, chili, and turmeric, and homemade veggie stock made from last week's onion, carrot, and leek scraps? In an hour we had a tummy-warming chili...that just happens to be vegan.

Not bad for a Monday!


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