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Tulip: Yellow Spider

Weeks behind schedule but finally here, I'm now seeing the newest tulips coming up! This "Yellow Spider" variety, planted in a pot outside the French doors of our bedroom, are just loving the morning sun. While I normally would plant tulips in the ground everywhere now that we are out of deer territory, last fall I decided to go crazy and plant the majority in pots or our big brick planters, so I could keep an eye on where the bulbs were and move them if needed, not to mention see how many germinated as well as identify the many varieties I'm experimenting with. It's been awesome just pulling up my list and being like "oh yeah, this is the yellow spider!" rather than my usual "cool yellow tulip with pointy tips" type of murmuring...

PS - It may seem like overkill to some, but I also keep a Google Doc with the names of just about everything I plant, categorizing them by water needs, if/when they need to be deadheaded, etc. This year I'm also noting what dies back to the ground (to eliminate the 'my god I've killed it!' on some) and what behaves more like an annual in our zone (8B) which has been super helpful (my favorite leonitus turned out to be just that type, grr).


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