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Tree Mallow: "Lavatera Chamallow"

With the near-perfection of June's weather, our tree mallow has tripled in size and became a true focal point of our front garden. Although they grew overly fast this year and some branches ended up sagging in the two days of rain that surprised us recently, they have been a never-ending source of oohs and ahhs whenever we walk out our front door or come back home and walk up the steps to see this huge beauty greeting us!

It's a favorite of all the pollinators, birds and bees alike, is gorgeous as a cut flower, and is pretty drought tolerant! Did you know it grows wild in the mountainous areas of Mediterranean countries? A new factoid I picked up while writing this, along with that it's a cousin of the hollyhock...which totally makes since in not only its shape but also how fast and tall it grows!

As you can see below, we have it right in our sightlines on our front deck for easy admiring on these gorgeous summer evenings in June...


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