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The Best Part of Thanksgiving Dinner...?

....the SIDES!!!

Our holiday has always been about a simple soul food dinner, from my once-a-year 5 cheese mac to collard greens to candied yams to green beans with chanterelles and home-cured bacon. While we also made pulled pork as our standard main course (no turkey for us - did it on my honey's first year living in America to intro him to the tradition and quickly agreed to not do it again, 'cause neither of us are big turkey folk!), these are our faves for sure. The last two - the greens and the mac & cheese - were inspired decades ago by frequent trip in a past life to Seattle's retired classic Kingfish Cafe (the only restaurant to make M&C THAT exceptionally good - I will still attest to this day that not a restaurant out there has come close to Kingfish - or mine....), and still are the most fun to make.

We go back and forth each year between sweet potato and apple pie, this year going for the latter, and it was SO delish, particularly due to the leaf lard I was able to procure from a local farm! But now, it's back to that post-meal sleepiness (which I read, y'all, is due to all the CARBS we all eat - not turkey!).

Hope your holiday was lovely!


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