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Sweet Potato Soft Tacos

Last night's dinner was the perfect storm...for making soft tacos! With exception of the cotija cheese, everything happened to be on hand for a really tasty, simple dinner of sweet potato soft tacos! Yellow and Purple (Charleston) sweet potatoes on the counter, ready to roast in some salt, pepper and coriander? Check! Avocado getting mushy? Check! Random can of organic green chiles scored in the clearance aisle? Check! A bag of frozen organic corn in the freezer? Check! Chard, cilantro and Cuban Oregano in the garden ready to quickly chop up? Check! That and the usual suspects of organic salsa and corn tortillas and we have ourselves an inexpensive, healthy, and crazy good winner!

"What was that saying? When life gives you lemons, go to a taco stand." ~ Mariana Zapata


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