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Spring has Sprung!

Third week of April and all but two varieties of our tulips are now in bloom, and with the forecast FINALLY set to get into the 60s and even low 70s, the rest of the garden is poised to go from green to a rainbow of colors. Every morning I check for progress, from the five ceanothus (California Lilac) bushes that have thousands of purple buds just waiting to explode, to the Jerusalem Sage and Tree Mallow (both which are way behind schedule in blossoming), to the rockrose, poppies, peonies and alliums which will soon follow.

While I recently added a layer of hemlock mulch, the blustery spring winds blew a fresh layer of a bajillion needles from the neighbor's massive fir tree onto front garden, giving it a speckled look rather than the luxe deep brown that was intended. Oy!

But considering how far this front garden has come in the last 18 months since we moved in? I'm pretty stoked. From removing the yew that had been planted way too close to the foundation, to relocating the massive rhododendrons that were blocking the front door (we gave them a hard prune and placed them in a way more sensible spot), to replacing the lawn with pollinator-friendly plants like red flowering currants, hardy herbs like oregano and thyme, dahlias and so much more, to adding the 250 gallon rain tank and building the simple deck so we can enjoy the fruits of our labors (and sunsets!), to of course painting it a happy shade of blue, the change is pretty remarkable in such a short time, I'd say!


September 2021...

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