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Spanish Lavender: “Otto Quast” 2.0

Second time around with the Otto Quast variety of Spanish lavender, and it's equally as impressive as it was the first time around. Even on a bright day like this, the colors didn't wash out, the bees were all over it, and it made my heart flutter just a bit to see the mass of purple that seemed to arrive all of a sudden.

When we moved here, I was thrilled htere was already one large lavender bush out front - strangely pruned into a round shape, but still a lavender - and decided to plant two other varieties in place of the awkward 'xmas tree' shrubs (which I donated to a neighbor in exchange for digging it out...a very cool way to get rid of plants you don't like I might add!). While it's zone 8 at the lowest, it took the 9 degree F lows we had this past crazy winter like a champ, and is our first to go into bloom of the trio. So much so that I photographed it twice...

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May 14

Love it! Finally a few honey bees as well

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