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Siberian Iris: “Blue King"

After a lot of breath-holding, planting the Siberian Irises in our notorious "wet feet" area in our backyard garden is finally showing us it was worth the wait!

There is nothing weirder than planting in an area where as a kid you'd have only been able to make mud pies, but in this lower section of the garden as the slightest of inclines pushes the moisture in the soil closer to the house, I wanted to do a better job at working WITH what we have, rather than trying to amend it a ton. Sure, I surrounded it with mulch and straw, but as far as below the surface? Let's partner with the soil, not fight it. And these gals have definitely proven this approach is working.

Did you know there are literally HUNDREDS of varieties of irises and 8 categories of irises? We have the classic bearded iris and are crossing our fingers for the far-smaller Dutch irises to bloom next, but this patch of Siberian irises has definitely started to win me over. Not just because it's purple, but because it thrives in this location! On my walks around the neighborhood, I've paid attention to the non-lawn folks and what they are planting in the wetter areas and seen irises going nuts lately, and it's made me so optimistic. Particularly after the random rain 'dump' we had the other afternoon that showed me exactly where we needed to improve drainage on our back patio, ahem!!

No matter what angle you look at them from? They're lovely. Yay for Pacific Northwest flowers !


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