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Rose of Sharon: “Chateau de Chambord”

I'm not sure what it is, but when the first blooms emerge on our hibiscus shrubs, I feel like cheering! This one in particular brings a special joy as I planted it where a demonic sumac tree used to be. My husband cut the sumac down after it proved to be nothing but a toxic weed-spreader (with shoots that can last for YEARS underground so we keep the ground covered with thick burlap bags and mulch where it used to be), so I knew I was taking a risk when I planted this Rose of Sharon in very close proximity to where the old stump was, but I wanted to replace that memory with something gorgeous...and it's been SO worth it. It basks in the morning sun, and being up against the back fence, it's protected against the harsh rays of summer afternoon heat...and it's loving it. I'm learning a ton about the hibiscus as well, and have another one growing in a raised bed nearby to see how it does in that, and am pretty stoked. They're a bit more high maintenance with water (not too much, not too little) compared to many of our other plants, but so far, so good!


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