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Rose Campion

Wow! Even amongst all the Bee's Friend, the Rose Campion we brought over from our last house has pushed its way to the top - I love it!

Rose Campion has a long history in our home, from when we were taking a walk back in the Rose City and spotted a ton of it growing in a neighbor's huge front garden, and upon asking her what it was, she volunteered some of it to come home with us! (Yes, it can spread quickly, but who cares? It's gorgeous, and can easily be moved.) I then brought a bit of it over to the farm on the coast, and left it there for the new owners, forgetting to bring a bit with us. So when we downsized to the little cottage in the city, and I spotted a bit literally growing out of a crack in the sidewalk in front of a long-abandoned lot on our block? I pulled it out, popped it in a pot, and it grew happily! Needless to say that pot came with us, and here it is, a striking tiny little hot pink flower on an elegant velvety stem that is home...anywhere!


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