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Polenta with Ricotta, Roast Tomato & Pancetta

In my incredibly slow journey to try all of the recipes in The Silver Spoon, my favorite cookbook (often described as Italy's version of The Joy of Cooking) that also happens to be well over 1,300 pages, this week I tried another deceptively simple yet marvelously delicious recipe - polenta with organic ricotta (procured from the best local cheesemakers ever at Samish Bay Creamery), parmigiano-reggiano, tomatoes slow roasted with onions, salt & pepper (til the point of caramelization), and a wee bit of good minced pancetta. Spreading the polenta onto a pan to set then cutting into long strips, similar to lasagna, then layering the aforementioned before topping it with more polenta strips and dripping it with a little butter, then baking for 25 minutes? Oh y'all it was SO incredibly worth it…the photo doesn't do it justice but trust me on this one.

"La vita è una cena che va gustata con calma." (Life is a dinner that should be enjoyed slowly.)


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