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Pink Jasmine

Y'all I can't emphasize how MUCH I love Jasmine. Ever since it grew like crazy in the garden of my Santa Barbara rental house 20 years ago, I've been hooked. In my very first venture as a homeowner, where I spent 13 years nurturing a garden from the ground up, halfway into that chapter I fell in love with a man from another continent and when he came here to stay, we planted a row of jasmine that we trained over wires onto our deck railing, which every summer delighted us with its gorgeous scent.

Now in our third home a few hours north, I optimistically planted both white and pink jasmine in the brick planter with a makeshift trellis that's probably closer to part-sun than full-sun...but it's still here, and in its second year, the Pink Jasmine is proving to be delightful. Sadly, the people who bought my first home let everything die in the yard, and when I saw the piles on the ground of jasmine that had been mercilessly chopped off the deck railing, my heart broke a little...

The saying goes something like, "garden as if you will live forever". I keep this close to my heart...even when others do not share that sentiment...

our old jasmine shrubs that the new owners ripped down from the railing they were trained on for years and then let die along with most of 13 years' worth of landscaping i'd carefully cultivated (and replaced with...nothing! then turned into a rental!). creeps.


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