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Peony: “Bowl of Beauty"

The two year wait is over! Our first peony has bloomed for the first time, and it's been so fun to watch as a first-time peony grower.

One thing fortunately I was aware of when picking it up back in the Emerald City is that it does not bloom the first year, and so was smart and left it potted til we got to our new digs in the Skagit Valley, then planted it in our front garden.

I will say, it was a bit maddening during the time it took to go from bud to full bloom. As an newbie, I'd had no idea of the WEEKS that would go by of suspense, from when the buds emerged to when the bud got bigger, and bigger, and bigger...then proceeds to taunt you for at least a week before it finally opened. But, hey, just look at it!

 The "Bowl of Beauty" variety of this Chinese peony we planted has been around since 1949. The bloom - while significant - is definitely not close to the 12" touted on all the websites, not even half that. It's more like a large rose (that looks like a baby dahlia is sitting inside it).. Perhaps in future years it'll grow larger? I dunno. But hey, even from the back it's utterly gorge don'tcha think?


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