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Patching Holey Jeans: 3 Quick Steps

The photos may not be Instagrammable but I'm still going to share the easy-peasy way my husband came up with patching holes in his jeans.

The man is 55 so he's not going to walk around with holes in the knees and such, but the jeans have proven here in the city to be way comfortable and good for him on his bike commute compared to traditional spandex, so saving them has saved us some serious coin.

In a house that contains maybe one needle and thread (where that is right now, who knows), we get crafty when finding ways to connect fabric to fabric...

1) Grab a scrap from the rag bin above the dryer. The bucket is filled with holey socks, worn out linens, stained t-shirts and other clothing items that would not cut it at Goodwill. So we use them for cleaning, cut them up for handkerchiefs (way softer to blow your nose on cotton knit !), and yes, for patching.

2) Snag some construction adhesive from the shed. We have a whole tube of that from an old project, and you KNOW that sticks.

3) Turn the jeans inside out, cut the rag to just bigger than the hole, glue the edges of the rag to the jeans, and let dry for 30 minutes before turning the jeans rightside in. That's it. Sure the jeans are still scrappy looking, but no bare legs are visible and my love is hunky dory on his bike commute!

Not everything needs to get tossed so quickly. And even the most un-sewing of households can find ways to mend clothing. Easy-peasy.


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