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No Shampoo? No Problem!

Keeping my hair happy and shiny is something I love...but I am no big 'product' gal either. My main priority is that what I put in my hair treads lightly on the planet, both via its ingredients and its packaging. And over the years, I've tried the gamut, from refilling my own bottle at my local sustainable grocer (with few options to choose from), to making it homemade with Dr Bronner's and water (similar results as using shampoo bars, not good), to multiple brands of shampoo bars (the worst - and yeah, even with an ACV rinse and holding out over a month on the farm in greasy-head territory, never to see it get better as folks online promised...why? Because they are MADE FROM OIL...all of them...which just does NOT work with my fine hair), to buying refillable Plaine Products eco-friendly shampoo in their aluminum bottles (great, but $30 for shampoo? no thanks).

So last week, when I ran out of shampoo, and feeling particularly greasy-haired after a workout, I decided to go back to basics and do THE easiest version of hair care:

Baking Soda.

While looking for an 'alternative to baking soda no-poo' , I realized I'd never actually just tried the baking soda & water combo, followed by an ACV rinse for shine (and to rebalance pH after using the bicarb). So, taking a cue from the instructions at Merry Messy Life, I set about doing it...

...and it was like a miracle hit my hair. It felt weird, yes. Did I miss the lather? Kinda. Did it make my hair soft and shiny and like it'd come back from the spa, minus the blow dryer and wallet-emptying cost? HELL YEAH! Even the husband was complimenting how shiny and soft it was. The only note about this is it's not suggested to use regularly if you are the kind who washes their hair daily (I only wash mine weekly) since it can be drying for some.

Give it a the very least, you have an emergency shampoo right in your cupboard!


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