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My Planet: The Banks of the Skagit River

Watching the fog roll in and out, the sky go from blue to gray, the winter preparing to arrive, I thought I'd share another side of Planet: the places I have set foot. The places that remind my why I share on this blog what I am fighting for, a planet that I won't always inhabit, a world where I leave no legacy or offspring... or anything other than these images. Blogging may not be cool anymore if you don't have anything to sell or influence or make a commission from, and so these days, fifteen years since I first wrote I now may be speaking into the void, but I leave these images (and all the stories and such here) for the land and sea and everything in between I wish would be treasured, but is in the hands of non-voters and CEOs.

This is where I've been, where I've given my heart to, from a mile away to five thousand. Starting with this morning...

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