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My Planet: Mount Vernon, Washington

Over two decades ago, I was immersed in tulips, making the trek up to the Skagit Valley to bask in the glow of the millions of flowers growing in the fields of Mount Vernon, Washington. I love all tulips, but the red ones have always attracted me the most, and this shot taken with my old trusty Pentax back in the day my favorite. Over a decade ago, I gave a print of it to my beloved, back when we were dating across the ocean, and now that we live right here where it all happens, I am starting a new chapter volunteering with the Tulip Festival this spring. I couldn’t be more excited!

Anyone who knows me understands my obsession with growing all types of flowers, but those who know me best understand my adoration of tulips is second only to the roses I spoke of in an earlier post. But while my love of roses is rooted in being my father’s firstborn, my love of tulips is wholly my own. I remember burying myself in Michael Pollan’s early book Botany of Desire and getting to know their history. And I know how, each spring, no matter how the vases beckon, it is hard for me to cut tulips for bouquets, because I love them more still in the ground, my gift to the gardens I’ve created over the years.

“A garden of tulips is a canvas of happiness painted by the hands of nature.” ~ Alice Walker


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