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My Planet: Lake Tahoe

It never was a bucket list destination for me, but when I was about to turn 40, I thought a house by the lake sounded divine, particularly in the snow (being a January baby and all), and combining that with hanging out with my brother who lived there at the time? Lake Tahoe ended up being pretty amazing. No tourists overcrowding Inclind Village and destroying the environment, just a big gorgeous lake to inhale and appreciate. We walked along the water, I fell in love with the lake at dusk, then woke early to photograph the sunrise. It's also where I said 'yes' to my love's proposal to make it official. Ironically, there was no snow that January - we had to drive up to Mt Rose to get a bit of snow angel making going, but I will remember this place and I will continue to urge people to think less selfishly when they travel. Put the selfie stick away. Leave no trace. Observe - and do what you must to protect rather than degrade the only home we have.

"The environment is everything that isn't me." ~ Albert Einstein


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