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My Planet: Fir Island, Washington

Trumpeter. Tundra. Snow. The swans and geese that migrate annually from Wrangel Island in Russia to the Skagit Valley here in the upper left corner of Washington are a truly amazing sight.

Every morning since late fall, when I go to let our ducks out for the day, it coincides with the snow geese 'commuting' overhead to their fields of choice. Like the crows of Seattle we were fortunate enough see fly overhead in the evenings outside our last home in Rainier Beach as they headed over Lake Washington towards Renton, the snow geese with their black-tipped wings are impossible not to gaze up at in awe.

Here, in our close proximity to farmland, it's not uncommon when seeing them taking advantage of the post-harvest fields to see locals and visitors alike pulled over to the side of the road to take in the sheer magnificence of their numbers. On Christmas morning, we drove over to Fir Island to see the swans (above), and a month prior, I snapped this photo below of a large gaggle of snow geese on our way to an arts & crafts show. I am grateful beyond words to have this in our backyard.

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