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My Front Yard Garden #4: 10 Months In - Hello Color!

The late spring color has arrived - and will only increase from here! The poppies, salvia, agastache, geum, bee's friend, catmint, flowering tobacco, lavender and yarrow are blooming, and the mallow, coreopsis, Jerusalem sage and black eyed susans are budding like crazy. It makes me SO happy now to look out our front window and see this - not to mention walking in the front gate and immersing myself in the sights and sounds of our happy little front garden sanctuary that has emerged after ten months of hard work (and finger crossing lol...).

Fall 2023 Late Spring 2023

You can see the 'Before & After' is pretty tremendous (click HERE to see the original grass-heavy, minimally pollinated garden we arrived to)...and I still am eagerly awaiting even more growth, from the walking stick kale, hollyhocks and cardoons growing to be far above the 4' fence height, to the spreading out of the hebe along the front walk, to the eventual light shade the smoke bush and chaste tree will give on the north side of the garden.

The herb garden (above left) is flourishing, and every angle makes me happy...and, as usual, anxious for the next stage! But in the meantime, we've got much to be thankful for. This is what it's all about, folks.


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