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Lily: "Crown Imperial"

I fell in love with Fritillaria imperialis, the “Crown Imperial” lily, when I saw a photo of it in the back of a magazine with no caption. I took a photo of it and immediately used Google Lens to identify it and put it on my list (I am a big fan of my list app on my phone not just for groceries, but for my garden wish list!). A year or so later, I spotted it in a nursery and immediately snapped one up to try my hand at growing this upside-down beauty that is native to the Middle East, from Turkey to Iran to Pakistan. It was far more expensive than daffodils (I believe $10 for one bulb), but boy is it gorgeous or what???!!!

It’s not the 3’ they promised, more like a foot, but it’s a great start to spring next to my potted tulips out front. I have it in a container and it’s proven to be just as winter-hardy as they say (in fact, no mulching is needed - it can take it!), so I think in the fall I’ll plant it in the ground and give it space to eventually be dividable in a couple years.

So rad, y’all. I love trying out new plants and being pleasantly surprised!


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