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Kitchen DIY: Coffee Sack Curtains

I can't even stress how easy these are to make. After spending way too much time back on the farm scrolling through Pinterest for ideas, the only thing that seemed to mesh for me were made from burlap. While I don't care for curtains over my sink as I crave a view if I'm stuck with dishes, in other kitchen, breakfast nook, pantry, and similar-vibe rooms there can definitely be a need. Rather than spend a silly amount online, I stopped by my local roaster and snagged a few coffee bags. Some roasters give them away, others charge a couple bucks, so do your homework (note: up here in the city, a local coffee distributor gives them away by the carload - perfect if you need them for weed suppressant or other large scale projects!). All you do is grab some heavy duty scissors and cut one side out of them, then find those curtain ring clip thingies (mine were like $7 at Freddy's) and you're good to go. I've used these both in my big pantry / breakfast nook on the farm (above) along with the side kitchen window in our current home (below). Note: the window is offset on the wall which I found weird looking, so for a visual trick I 'evened' it out by installing the curtain rod beyond the actual window, which worked like a charm.


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