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Jacob’s Ladder: “Heavenly Habit"

Second time around growing Jacob's Ladder and it's definitely doing well. This new variety has been a great compact version for our part-shade border, and really burst into bloom as soon as the temps got into the 70s this week. Being up here in the Valley, the climate I'd describe as being somewhere between where we lived on the Oregon coast and in Seattle, and definitely not in my massively affected hometown of Portland where weather regularly goes into the 90s and low 100s in summer, ensures that for the most part, we are not too cold, not too hot, in the, just right (...while thanking our stars we were not part of this late spring 'heat dome' that most of the West Coast just experienced)! The Jacob's Ladder, fortunately, is fairly drought tolerant AND cold tolerant, so it's an easy one to pop into various borders - ours is on a north-facing border so it gets mostly morning shade with afternoon sun, and is thriving!


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