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In Bloom: Marionberry

YESSSSSS! So stoked that our marionberry bush is in full bloom! This is a plant I've taken with me wherever we go, as it's not always easy to find now that we are out of my home state of Oregon. If you've never had a marionberry, you're missing out, y'all. I love blackberries and I hate raspberries, but the best has got to be their cousin, the marionberry, developed in Marion County, Oregon, and the perfect jam and pie maker.

It's been by far the biggest grower on the DIY back fence trellis I put up this past winter, inspired by an existing berry bush that will reveal its identity soon enough and paired with a thornless blackberry I picked up at the local nursery (and who knows, next year may include a boysenberry if I remember in time as I spaced out this year...).

So now we wait....


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