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In Bloom: Granny Smith Apple

While the Braeburn that greeted us on our arrival was loaded with fruit, I must say I’m more excited for the Granny Smith. I’d purchased then immediately potted this back at our last house, not sure what was going to happen with it, and when we decided we weren’t going to stay, I was so excited to bring it with us as this blank slate of a backyard we arrived to was just beckoning it...

You see, it’s not only my favorite tasting apple, but it’s also one that my honey and I had planted at my first house in the Rose City but never been able to sample the fruit from as it was too young. The other day when I was in that neck of the woods while visiting an old friend, I drove by and saw that it is absolutely flourishing - even though the owner and their renters are doing literally nothing to care for it or the entire front yard it occupies (it’s a monstrous weed patch now compared to the lush garden paradise I’d worked for over a decade to create, with at least 75% of the plants I’d put in either dead or on their way out). It brought tears to my eyes, I must say.

“Pastel pink petals from the apple blossoms in the nearby orchard floated past on the breeze, a glimpse of beauty in the ruins of a place riddled with curses.” ~ Jaime Jo Wright

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Apr 22

By far the prettiest flowers on any apple tree so far

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