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In Bloom: Asian Pear

Perfect days in early spring are exemplified by fruit trees. In our new abode, we have seven fruit trees, a bajillion fruit bushes of numerous varieties, and a ton of optimism...

These blossoms are from our first ever espalier tree, an Asian Pear combining Chojuro & Shinseiki varieties. I’d eyed it last fall at the local nursery and saw it, the last Asian pear combo, sitting there for months until I couldn’t help but rescue it. Knowing the new late-winter inventory that comes into nurseries is always younger, I finally realized it’d be smart to get this older tree now…and be that much closer to fruit (I’ve always grumbled during that first year of having a bare-root where you have to pinch the blossoms to encourage growth over fruit)!

I then looked up easy ways create the espalier trellis and found L-brackets for cheap at the hardware store along with a roll of wire and badabing. Attached the branches with cloth scraps and we’re good. Done. Sturdy. Bring on the fruit.


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