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Hydrangea: "Nikko Blue"

When you realize the majority of your front yard is part-sun (or part-shade, depending on the time of year), you learn to make adjustments when planting! One of the first ones was learning to embrace the plants that adore this type of light, and while they're not at the top of my list, my husband loves hydrangeas, and I've got to admit, this one we planted last year is pretty darn gorgeous. The Nikko Blue hydrangea is perfect for our climate, and the light that falls along the side of the path leading to the gate to our backyard, and we had a blast stomping in our rain boots through the mud last spring at Woods Creek Nursery east of town in Monroe, where they are less about flash and more about simply growing great plants. Their hydrangea selection alone is pretty amazing, and while the first year it only had a few leaves, this year it's finally giving us a hint of its future!

Being that this young hydrangea gets much of it's shade time from the neighbor's massive pine, the acidity definitely lends to the gorgeous blue shade of the sepals - and I wouldn't have it any other way! Imagining this someday being 5 or 6 feet tall as part of our "living hedge"? Pretty cool.


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