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Herb Garden: Chives

May has definitely gotten off to a beautiful start, and in the herb garden I planted just outside the front door, the chives are really showing off. These were actually discovered in our backyard, but knowing our dog has a tendency to do his business indiscriminately, I knew a herb garden needed to be created in the front yard instead, and so when we relocated and/or donated everything except the biggest hydrangea out front, I knew I had a perfect spot for the herb garden. You see, in this house, the kitchen is right up front - a very different thing for me (particularly looking out the kitchen window at the street instead of the backyard!), so the normal 'right off the back porch' like I'm used to having was just not going to work. Luckily chives are reliably hardy, so I just shoveled 'em out of the back and popped 'em in the dirt out front, ba-da-bing. And, like chives, it's taken off like a beautiful weed - perfect for dividing and planting in other locations later on...and an awesome substitute when I'm running low on scallions!


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